In our business, client satisfaction is our only product. There can be only one standard of quality: to meet and exceed our client’s expectations – whatever those expectations may be.

Client satisfaction encompasses all aspects of our engagements, beginning with the understanding of our client’s needs to the delivery of the high quality product, on a timely basis, at a fair price.

By putting clients first, we make ourselves easy to do business with. We keep in mind that our systems and our procedures are there only to serve the client. We strive to anticipate our client’s problems so as to suggest corrective action as soon as possible.



We strive to understand our client’s businesses and listen closely to their comments to help identify and understand their challenges and assist them in increasing their profits and better achieving their objectives.


Our goal is to use the best qualified personnel we can find, to train them to be as competent as possible and to equip them with the best hardware, software and other support facilities available.

At Barry & Moore, We Aim To…


  • Develop close, long-term interpersonal relationships with our clients to better assist with the achievement of their objectives.
  • Assist our clients in their establishment of accounting and income tax policies, their selection and training of financial personnel, making financial decisions concerning expansion, acquisition or sale and their planning for retirement and business succession.
  • Create or enhance the wealth of our clients using the safest investment strategies possible.
  • Ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality of financial information, for the resources expended.
  • Review with our clients, the quality and competence of their internal accounting personnel.
  • Minimize the frustration that can occur from dealing with financial and income tax issues.


No matter what services we may be providing, our mission is always complete client satisfaction.